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Unlocking the Potential of the Rubber Economy: Pathways to Growth in the Next Decade



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The International Rubber Study Group (IRSG), in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Government of Cote d'Ivoire, will organise the World Rubber Summit (WRS) 2020, to be held in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire.

The World Rubber Summit (WRS) is an unique and exclusive opportunity for the global rubber industry to discuss the current challenges that the industry is facing but also the future opportunities that might arise from the disruptive trends that are transforming the automotive industry and the extensive use of innovative solutions to improve rubber quality and productivity.

The theme for World Rubber Summit 2020 will be ‘’Unlocking the Potential of the Rubber Economy: Pathways to Growth in the Next Decade’’. The global economy is in a synchronized slowdown, a 3% growth in 2019, lowest since financial crisis before moving to the next decade. The Rubber Economy is not an exception, it is certainly at a crossroad! Mature and emerging markets must face challenges to embrace disruptive innovations, climate mitigation and digitalization to pave path for a sustained and inclusive growth in 2020 and beyond. Sustainable mobility and advancements in health sector underpinned by social, economic and technological trends demands identifying opportunities compatible with transformation offering solution than products. Narratives on competitive price and welfare of the weakest link in the supply chain need to redefine in unlocking potential of the rubber supply chain. Partnership can certainly shape resurgence of a competitive and sustainable rubber value chain drives momentum for inclusive growth in the next decade.

During the conference, Presentations and Panel Sessions will provide key insights and valuable takeaways on how an effective and constructive dialogue between producers and consumers could lead the industry growth that will preserve our environment and provide prosperity to all stakeholders in the rubber value chain.

As well as providing insights into the industry, our event:

- is developed by experts in the industry for the industry

- will be attended by Government Ministers and leading global business leaders

- will provide world-class networking opportunities

- create opportunities for you to widen your contacts, showcase your products

  and services, share experiences and facilitate further business development

Message Fom The Honourable Kobenan Kouassi ADJOUMANI,
Minister Of Agriculture and Rural Development of The Republic of Cote d'Ivoire

At the start of my speech, I would like to pay a well-deserved tribute, on behalf of the Government of republic of Cote d'ivoire, to the International Rubber Study Group (IRSG), for having chosen Cote d'ivoire for the holding of the World Rubber Summit and its 53rd Assembly of Nations in Abidjan.

The Republic of Cote d'ivoire feels this choice as a badge of honor and an immense privilege to be to date, the only country to have hosted the two international IRSG events held on our continent. This choice is also, and I am convinced, the recognition of the political and economic influence of our country found on the world stage under the leadership of His Excellency Alassane Ouattara, President of the Republic of Cote d'ivoire.

In my capacity head of the department in charge of agriculture, I would like, on behalf of the stakeholders in rubber sector of Cote d'ivoire, to express my sincere gratitude to all the other member countries of the IRSG who have worn their choice on our country for this edition which it organizes in Africa.

In Cote d'ivoire, the agricultural sector remains the engine of economic development, due to its strong contribution to the mobilization of export revenues, as well as to the substantial income it provides, and the jobs it provides to populations. It is this that our vision of development is based on the creation of wealth to share with all the actors of the rural world, from a modern agriculture, respectful of the environment, turned towards the market and the strongly centered on producers.

To consolidate and improve the performance of the agricultural sector, the Government is resolutely committed to the transformation of our products, all sectors combined.

Regarding the rubber sector, it must quickly regain its balance by transforming all national production, thanks to the support measures granted by the state and the strong involvement of the main actors operating there.

To date, the rubber sector worldwide is mainly regulated by the tire industry, which itself is based on the automobile industry, whose good health depends on the evolution of the world economy. Natural rubber producers, who derive most of their income from rubber cultivation, are thus dependent on a phenomenon of which they do not control all the levers. We therefore call for initiatives to diversify the use of natural rubber through technological innovations by also exploring other areas of use for this product. We are thinking in particular of the continuation of the prospects for using rubber products in the construction of roads and bridges, in the stabilization of buildings to resist vibrations and earthquakes.

The diversification of rubber processing products and the uses of products from this processing will make it easier to absorb production with a positive impact on the price paid to producers.

With regard to the current orientation of agricultural policy, the ambition of the Ivoirian Government is to achieve the structural transformation of the agricultural economy from 2020, by making it go from a subsistence agricultural economy based on volume, an agricultural economy with high added value turned towards the market. It is in this prospective that most of the projects are conceived within the framework of our National Program of Agricultural Investment - of second generation (PNIA2).

I would like to end my intervention by solemnly inviting all the member countries of the IRSG and to all the participants to come to Cote d'ivoire to discover the country's potential and the Dynamism in the rubber sector.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Thank you.


The International Rubber Study Group (IRSG) was established in 1944 as the only intergovernmental organization that brought the worlds rubber producing and consuming stakeholders together. The IRSG shall be THE FORUM for the discussion of matters affecting the supply and demand for natural as well as synthetic rubber


The IRSG will be the authortative source of statistical data and analysis for all aspects of the rubber industry, including production, consumption and trade in rubber as well as rubber products. The seminal purpose of the secretariat is to prepare current estimates and analyse future supply and demand trends, while undertaking statistical and economic studies on specific aspects of the industry so as to continually improve its value-added service to stakeholders.

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